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Spacious Bird Aviary for Birds and Small Pets

Birds were meant to fly, not be confined in tight spaces. With an ABSCO bird aviary, your birds have enough freedom of movement to keep them happy and healthy. Also known as "flight cages" the bird aviary is perfect for home bird breeders. You can also use the aviary as a chicken coop. With its sturdy metal design, the ABSCO sheds have an advantage over a traditional wooden chicken coop that is more vulnerable to the elements. All of our Australian Made Bluescope Steel aviaries are made to last, contain a thick mesh screen, and come with a 30 year warranty.

Aviary sheds are not limited to birds. Small animals like dogs, cats, and chickens are also suitable for our design. To provide a more natural environment, the sheds can accommodate plants and shrubbery. Depending on the size, the aviaries range in price from $247 to $907. They come in such Colorbond colours as Zinc Pale Eucalypt and Woodland Grey. The sheds come with a Gable (triangular) or Flat (slight angle) roof. Accessories like Chook feeders are available.

Our ABSCO aviary sheds give you a versatile home for your birds and small animals, for breeding purposes and temporary shelter. With the 30 year warranty, you never have to worry about investing in a new aviary shed and can rest assured that your animals will be safe and secure.

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